(I like to read the extra stuff on webcomics, even if I haven't read the actual comic. So I figured I should make some extra reading material like that too.)

What is it?

The Tales of Middar are stories from the fictional fantasy kingdom of Middar, about a young woman by the name of Yuelle. When we first meet Yuelle, she is nearly out of money and she has no home of her own. This changes when she is invited into the royal family, on the condition she give birth to the next heir to the thrown. 
As the story continues forth we learn of the troubles facing the kingdom, and the world, as near uncontrollable forces once again begin to emerge from the darkness. 

How often does it update?

Tales of Middar updates once a weekend, usually on the weekend. When the comic was first being posted, the first couple weeks had an update every few days in order to get the story moving for readers as quick as possible. 
Short breaks may occur between chapters.

Do you have any mirrors?

On the off chance Comic Fury should be having technical issues, you can flip over to http://www.murdersteak.com and continue reading where you left off. 

Scratch that, I'm terrible at maintaining mirrors.

About the author

KillerSteak, (otherwise known as Jon Stakes, but not really because it's a silly pen name made up only for Tales of Middar) has been into web comics (the act of posting comics on the internet) since 2005. If an interest exists for seeing his art evolve, you can still find his older comics online. Starting with 'The Grenz' also known as 'The Super Grenz' (2004-2010): A silly story about a group of X-Men-like superheroes. Moving on to 'IRC' and 'sIRC' (2007-2009): Comics about an old chat room, gag-a-day with a little bit of story thrown in now and then. And most recently with 'SECKS' (2009-2011): Jokes about genitals, and other things, told with stick figures.
KillerSteak grew up through the 90's, so he was lucky to have been able to watch some of the best tv animated cartoons of all time throughout his childhood. As well as being very (absurdly) geeky about Dragon Ball (boy, who could tell?), Steak enjoys most giant robot series such as the likes of Mazinger and Grendizer. Other influences include: Asterix, Footrot Flats, Astro Boy and One Piece to name a few. 
On the comedic influence side, KillerSteak loves most british comedies, a select few US comedies, and his number 1 favourite Australian comedian is Shaun Micallef.
The idea behind Tales of Middar stems from an old flash series Steak did, but in the two years of planning it is barely recognizable as the same thing.