Comic 22 - Page 20
24th Sep 2011, 5:09 PM in Chapter One
Page 20
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Author Notes:
killersteak edit delete
Ahhh, my buffer. It's fading away, fading awayyyyy.
I swear I get lazier each time I have to draw those cottages.
The original sketch for this page had Gilgarow literally shedding his skin, his face peeled off. I'm not sure why I changed it, guess I felt it wasn't really necessary afterall.

Oh and hello to all my new subscribers. :D
User comments:
Fubar edit delete reply
I love his face on the 5th panel, sorta like he's snickering all evil-ly. >:B
man_lick69 edit delete reply
"any longer and I would not have made it
its not a war no
it's not a rapture
I'm just a person but you cant take it"

good bye, buffer!