Comic 24 - Page 22
8th Oct 2011, 9:43 AM in Chapter One
Page 22
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Author Notes:
killersteak edit delete
Ha. Got it done, finally. This page... This page. Man, this page. You know?

I can't really complain that they're still talking, seeing as I wrote the damn thing.
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man_lick69 edit delete reply
follow a place called candy island
Fubar edit delete reply
If only I could 'like' a comment...

GJ on the page, Steak.
steaksnotloggedin (Guest) edit delete reply
Carl: Hey, I hear we're going to Ape Island.
Lenny: Yeah, to capture a giant ape. I wish we were going to Candy Apple Island.
Charlie: Candy Apple Island? What do they got there?
Carl: Apes, but they're not so big.