Comic 40 - Chapter 2 - Page 01
9th Mar 2012, 3:50 PM in Chapter 2
Chapter 2 - Page 01
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Author Notes:
killersteak edit delete
I'll add in a cover for chapter 2 later, you've all had enough of my stalling for time, so here's the start of chapterrrr twoooooo.
Also! Be sure to check out this neat piece Ryan C made for me.

And be sure in turn to check out his two comics :D
User comments:
10Do edit delete reply
Next chapter! schWING
killersteak edit delete reply
schwong! ...?!
dpat57 edit delete reply
I be enjoying this, thanks for the read.
killersteak edit delete reply
Awesome, glad you liked it!
Paul Rose (Guest) edit delete reply
Well that's proper dinner talk. At lest he waited in till they were done eating.
killersteak edit delete reply
Tune in next week when the king asks yuelle about her ovulation cycle.
Sleeper edit delete reply