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21st Apr 2012, 11:47 AM in Chapter 2
Page 04
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Author Notes:
killersteak edit delete
Colouring slowed me down so much with this page. Took me a few hours, doesn't help I keep distracting myself.

Anyway, I recently got a few copies of Chapter 1 of Middar in my letterbox. Yes, I had them printed through Ka-blam, I'd show pictures if I was more organized but maybe next week. You really should know what it looks like anyway...
Well, here it is if you feel so inclined to have a copy of your own. :)
User comments:
Jacques edit delete reply
See, this is why we have a brocode, and unfortunately there's no hocode. :I
Jacques edit delete reply

How much for a copy, steak?
killersteak edit delete reply
Ten dollars for 40 color magazine size pages.
Paul Rose (Guest) edit delete reply
I still wounder if this monster will be nice or evil. Tho this hooded maniacal laughter is kind of weak. :P