Comic 64 - Page 25
9th Jun 2013, 8:01 PM in Chapter 2
Page 25
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Author Notes:
killersteak edit delete
I want to complain about how long that bottom panel took, but I feel silly now realizing that someone that knew what they were doing could have finished it in no time. :(

Anyway, time to sit back and read more Game of Thrones.
killersteak edit delete
Sorry guys. Next page sooooon. Tanks for your pashiens.
User comments:
Centcomm edit delete reply
I think it looks great :D nice foreshortinging too :D
killersteak edit delete reply

It's way better than what I had originally. I accidentally flipped it upside down, saw how terrible it looked and redrew it til I got it right.
Hejin edit delete reply
This comic is really good!

I feel like I've found a kindred spirit in style. Also, the design for your main character is cute.

Hahaha, nice work!