Comic 73 - Page 34
28th Jan 2014, 6:29 AM in Chapter 2
Page 34
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Author Notes:
killersteak edit delete
:/ That'll have to do...

Manga Studio arrived today, I'll play around with that and see if it helps me out on the next page. Til now it's been Firealpaca for linework, which has been really good, no over-correction on little loops and things. I was using a calligraphy pen for a little bit before I went entirely digital though, and maybe MS can help me get back to those fancier line widths... Shall see.
User comments:
Ephemeros edit delete reply
Ohman he really didn't think that one through! I suspect that he's not quite dead yet though... O n O
killersteak edit delete reply
Speaking of not thinking, I forgot his tentacles in that last panel... *dies*
Ephemeros edit delete reply
I will dutifully imagine them there~ :')
Happens to all of us. xD