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2nd Jul 2014, 3:52 PM in Chapter 3
Page 05
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Author Notes:
killersteak edit delete
I hadn't planned on doing a page today, really, even though I haven't done for a few weeks now.
But I was peeking around at my subscriptions and I just suddenly felt inspired. So here's the result.

Also, shoutout to one of the comics I read, Starry Day -
Maybe it's that bright blue used for the sky, but something there just made me happy and want to draw.

I hope everyone's enjoying this chapter so far, remember to pick out any typos and let me know, I read over things so many times and still miss them.
User comments:
Proxy170 edit delete reply
Wow, I like how you've twisted the bad side from one character to another (possibly even more dangerous?). Creates some ambiguity too--I like it!
killersteak edit delete reply
I pulled it off correctly then? Awesome. lol thanks
Sleeper edit delete reply
Excellent page