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9th Jul 2014, 7:01 PM in Chapter 3
Page 06
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killersteak edit delete
Forgot to mention this last week. So I was going through my webstats referrals and found an entry from The Dish podcast. Apparently back at the start of April they pulled a random number, looked up that number on topwebcomics, and did a review on whatever comic it was.
Turns out it was Tales of Middar. And if it weren't for someone following the link to my page last week or so, I would never have known they reviewed it probably.
So here's the podcast with the review - is it a favourable review or a scathing review? You'll just have to listen and find out.

If you even care. I dunno, I'm not gonna make you do things. ...
User comments:
Proxy170 edit delete reply
Ah man, now I feel even MORE bad for Ropia. But so many questions why she aborted her baby (after all, it was the only living part of her lover sad). A Veros is that creature that attacked Yuelle in the last chapter, right? Very interesting!

Also, can you post a time that your review starts? I really don't want to hear those two drabble on about other stuff I don't care about...

killersteak edit delete reply
Yup, that's a veros.

Sure, 24:45

Outlaw edit delete reply
Great page, man!
I really like the interaction between these two. It's setting the tone for what's to come in BIG ways!
killersteak edit delete reply
I admit I get a little too excited setting up stuff like this.