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30th Jul 2014, 7:01 PM in Chapter 3
Page 08
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Author Notes:
killersteak edit delete
Sorry for the wait. It was one of those pages...

Anyway, hey guys! Do you like my comic? Do you wish my comic was in your hands in glorious dead tree format? Well you're in luck, because chapter 2 is now available to order in print form from Indy Planet!

Here's a bad quality video of me flipping through each page.
A video.

Oh and if you missed it, chapter 1 is here.
User comments:
Outlaw edit delete reply
Awesome page, man! I like the world building you're doing over time.

ALSO, very awesome that made your comic available in print. I gotta give MAD props for that.
killersteak edit delete reply
Thanks, it's only print-on-demand so it hardly required any effort on my part, but it was one of my goals.
Centcomm edit delete reply
yes this comic is always improving in leaps and bounds :D
killersteak edit delete reply
That's an awesome comment, thanks so much!