Comic 94 - Page 17
23rd Nov 2014, 12:00 PM in Chapter 3
Page 17
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killersteak edit delete
Dark page...
User comments:
Skweeee edit delete reply
Killersteak, just FYI, based on Xibalbansleeper's recommendation I've come here. Saw this page and immediately subbed. Going back to binge on the archive.
killersteak edit delete reply
Cool. It's not as tight as your comic, but I hope you like it.
Outlaw edit delete reply
I dig the character designs for these two.
killersteak edit delete reply
He almost looked an awful lot like Iroh from Airbender so I had to make some last minute alterations.
Sleeper edit delete reply
Clearly, she has a plan.
Vincethestick edit delete reply
Clicked your sig out of curiosity and pretty much binge read it from there. Enjoying the story, and your style is cute to look at! I can almost picture it animated.
killersteak edit delete reply
thanks dude