The World
This page is a work in progress and any information on it could change or become irrelevant at any time.

The planet...

Middar exists on a planet in a galaxy not too unlike our own. The planet, known many many years ago under a different name, is simply known as 'Earth' by it's current inhabitants, the humans.

Surrounding the planet are two moons, Piruz and Csilla. A strange dimensional anomaly occurs on the planets surface when the two moons align into particular positions, gateway portals become active and allow travel to other realms.

The world consists of the countries: Middar, Sallest, Damora and Hasli. Each have their own rulers, though they share common laws and faith. Only Middar and Damora contain gateway portals.

Middar's portal...

It leads to the Jihn dimension, where a violent race of demon-like creatures reside. The portal is always guarded to keep the Jihn out of Middar. The immediate surrounding land is rocky and bleak from countless fighting there.

A map of Middar...

The border between Middar and Sallest is seperated by mountain ranges, with only a few routes existing by land to easily cross, and ocean routes. Middar and Damora have portals, Middar has a Jihn portal and Damora has a Gods portal.

A temple in Middar to honour the Gods...

While Damora has a temple to the Gods built around their God Portal, Middar also built a temple for the Gods. It's located to the East of the Royal Capitol and was built so worshippers didn't have to travel all the way to Damora. A number of people still travel to Damora though because the temple there is much more sacred.